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It’s Elemental

As potters we bind the elements together within balance of each other to form our treasures. The four basic elements — Air & Fire with Earth & Water — are quintessential to pottery. Earth as clay, water to shape the clay, air to allow room for shape to take form, fire to solidify the form. Each of these elements needs the other to be in balance to bring their energy together within the realms of a frequency of repetition through a vibration of time. It’s not just a cup or a bowl or a vase or a sculpture — it is moments of your day-to-day life, imprinted and bonded with the four elements into what is The Clay Life.

The Logo

The logo for The Clay Life and Clay Life Arts Studio is a representation of the 4 elements in the diamond. In the diamond of elements, square and vase, we have symbolic representation of our energy in life in the diamond. In the square, we have the frequency of repetition and the circle-spiral leading to the vase is the symbolic result of our vibration of time, manifesting in clay. As a gentle nod to Nikola Tesla’s often referred quote, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” this was a watershed moment in the studio owner’s life when it came to his teaching philosophy.

About the words, The Clay Life, and Clay Life Arts Studio (CLAsS) and find your center. The Clay Life came about from the love of the studio the owner was at prior to creating his business. It was his center, his inspiration, this wonderful life in the arts of clay. If you’re into clay, you know how great it can be. To find your center is a clay reference to wheel throwing, yet it also relates to that need of finding one’s own center for balancing life, peace, happiness and community while creating lasting moments that matter. Clay Life Arts Studio with it’s acronym (CLAsS) is a reminder that we are all students here in life and arts. It just happens that it’s surrounded by a clay studio.

Esoteric philosophy aside, there are things we gain from getting our hands into a pile of mud creating art and/or functional wares. Is it confidence? Is it Zen? Is it happiness? Is it centeredness? A craft? Is it more laundry? More clay supplies? Is it more pottery?

Yes. And so much more. For the owner of The Clay Life, clay became a way of life and a way of connecting to build a clay community. The center of his focus is to create a community place where people can find their own magic — their own center — in The Clay Life. A place where you feel like you belong.

Being part of a community matters. Finding your bliss matters. You matter. Feeling heard matters. If you come join The Clay Life we will make sure your clay journey matters.