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Glazes & Clays

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Glazes & Clays

Here in we will be making our own dipping glazes in-house in the beginning to keep overhead down and to increase availability of inventory and to maintain control over food-safety. As inflation and supply-chain issues begin to stabilize in time, depending on member demand, we will stock a few commercial glazes. Our initial batches of glazes will be for mid-fire cone 5/6. As our studio grows, glazes and clays for Cone 10 reduction and oxidation firings will be added as well as Raku and Pitfire offerings.

There will be a small stable of various commercial brush on glazes as well as oxides and the starting genesis of an underglaze club. As a member, you can bring your own glazes (rated for cone 5/6 – not 06) as long as they have been approved by the instructor and owner.

Our initial glazes will be as follows:

Copper Red – Shades of Red with Green
Muddy Waters – Shades of Red in deep brown
Ghost Blue – Hints of blue in a clear base
Teal Appeal – A blue green
Blurple – Purple & Blue or is it Blue & Purple?
Floating Green – Green with breaks of Brown
Floating Blue – Blue with breaks of Brown
David’s Tenmoku – Translucent Dark Brown with breaking edges
Goldrush – Similar to Tenmoku but less fluid
Caramel – Translucent Light Brown
Juicy Fruit – Green with fluid movement
Night Shine – Shiny Black
Nights in Black Satin- A Satin Black
White – Shiny White
Bone White Satin – Satin finish of white
Kitten’s Clear – It’s clearly clear
Green Celedon – Translucent Green
Blushing Pink – A Pink that blushes next to Chrome Oxide

Our Initial Clay Bodies are as follows (But we can order any flavor you’d want):

B-Mix Cone 5 Smooth
B-Mix Cone 5 Grog
B-Mix Cone 5 with Speckles
Speckled Buff
B3 Brown Cone 5
Red Velvet Cone 5
Laguna Porcelain #16 Cone 5
Clay Planet’s 612
Soldate 60 Cone 5/10
Recycled In-House Clay